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*Alasdair is currently in Australia and unavailable for bookings in Scotland*


Alasdair Taylor’s main stock of stories comes from the Celtic traditions, particularly the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. He collects from written and contemporary oral sources, bringing them to life for today’s audiences. Where appropriate, Alasdair tells these stories in Scottish Gaelic. He hopes that returning these stories to their communities will give young people in the Highlands and Islands a stronger and deeper connection to their local landscape and culture.

Alasdair is also creating ancient Celtic stories from ‘The Mabinogion’ and the Ulster and Fenian Cycles more widely heard among contemporary audiences, giving them their place in contemporary culture. He also shares stories from all over the world, with an emphasis on environmental education and conflict issues, as an exponent of Sufi tales handed down by mystics of the Middle East.

Alasdair likes to work with children from age 5 up, secondary school pupils and adults, including those with learning disabilities. He uses some of his stories in personal, spiritual and psychological group work, to support people’s journeys through intrapersonal, intercultural and relationship issues. He has run drama therapy groups and workshops on storytelling and mythology for psychotherapists. Alasdair has worked as a tour guide, adult education teacher, psychotherapist and care worker. He is the founder and Executive Director of Earth for Life, a social enterprise which delivers ecotherapy and environmental education. As well as storytelling, Alasdair makes a living from gardening and environmental work, spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors.

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