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Andrew Steed

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Andrew Steed is a published author, bard, wanderer and playful soul. He has worked professionally as a storyteller since 1996. His animated style enchants audiences of all ages. He has a wide repertoire of stories from around the world, with tall tales, myths, legends and stories of his own. He is comfortable working an audience of 1,000 or working one on one.

Andrew has extensive experience working within schools, colleges and the business world, empowering audiences to be the author of their own life story. Andrew specialises in working creatively with his craft to integrate the learning within the curriculum. He uses the power of stories, dance, song, drumming, role-play, voice, theatre and interactive strategies to help audiences step outside of their comfort zone and develop their self-esteem.

He has previously studied with indigenous tribes of North America, working songs and stories around a powwow drum. He has travelled extensively through Asia, Europe, South and North America, and has facilitated summer camps, retreats, festivals and conferences. He has led over 45 pilgrimages in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England, sharing the story of the land with groups as they travel. He has a deep love and knowledge of the Celtic world. He works internationally and has recently returned to his roots and settled here in Scotland.

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