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Elly Crichton Stuart

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Elly Crichton Stuart tells stories from around the world in order to connect people to their creativity and joy. Working with humour and gesture, characterisation and voices, she creates a safe space in which children, young people and adults can find their own voice.  She often tells stories inspired by her Irish grandmother, which show the deep connection that exists between people and animals.

Elly offers workshops for women in which she tells archetypal stories and supports them to tell their own stories. She worked as part of The Forgiveness Conference at the Findhorn Foundation, and sees storytelling as a way of forging a more intimate connection with ourselves, with our community and with the Earth. She loves working in different environments and creates workshops where each person can express themselves in whichever way is most natural to them, be it through speaking, writing or visual art.

Born in Fife, Elly also tells both Scottish and English folktales. She was invited to an Elder’s breakfast in 2011 and is now exploring how we can step into conscious eldering through working with indigenous, archetypal and personal stories. She is intrigued by the possibilities of bringing Elders together with Youngsters, through the sharing of stories.

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