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Elspeth Grace Hall

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Known as The Bard from Bower, Elspeth “Grace” Hall specialises in telling forgotten local stories in English, Sign Supported English and in Norn – Scotland’s most endangered language.

Having grown up in a Scottish Expat. Community, Grace learnt the stories and folklore of the Scottish fisher folk from her grandmother. Grace is a historian, author, illustrator and storyteller.  Starting in her teens, she spent almost a decade learning her word smithery at the feet of Master Storyteller Stewart Alexander and The Yarnsmith of Norwich, Dave Tonge.  She has been working as an assistant Historical Interpreter since 2008.  She graduated from the Open University in 2014 with a BA Open that covered History, Languages and Creative Writing and is an established children’s author.  Prior to 2011 Grace worked as a care worker for a geriatric and psychiatric care home.

Grace has been captivating both Deaf and Hearing audiences with her animated and inclusive story telling since 2014.  Grace has experience of working with both adults and children and is well versed in adapting her stories to both the age of and any special needs within her audience.  Her interactive and expressive style ensures that everyone feels included in the storytelling experience.

When telling tales within a historical period Grace can provide a full costumed performance with props and hands on experiences.

Grace has worked at Sherwood Forest, Nottingham Castle, Newstead Abbey, Heckington Agricultural Fair (the biggest in the UK), York Library, Gloucester Museum & various smaller historical sites across the English East Midlands.  She has also worked for Highland Highlife, primary and secondary schools in Scotland, the Boys Brigade and the Highland Deaf Education Service.

Grace can tell a variety of tales; from the historical adventures of British pirates to little known accounts of Viking lore, from the oft forgotten Gest of Robin Hood’s skirmishes in the Scottish Borders to home grown tales of alchemy, witchcraft and just how the curious geography of Caithness came to exist…

Grace is familiar with the Curriculum for Excellence and has developed and delivered numerous storytelling sessions and workshops for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.





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