Lesley MacLean

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Lesley MacLean has a wide repertoire of tales suitable for any group, her favourites being stories from the Highlands where she grew up. She also enjoys telling creation myths, Traveller tales and stories from her adopted home, Orkney.

Lesley’s love of stories began at her grandfather’s knee. As an only child with a fertile imagination she would tell stories to her toys if there was no one around to listen. Lesley’s performances are very energetic and she welcomes audience participation. Her stories may be thought provoking, sad or full of laughter but they are always entertaining. She is affectionately known as ‘Whiggy’ by those who have heard her.

She stands by the saying ‘Inside every adult there is a child waiting to hear a story.’ Lesley is comfortable with any age group and particularly enjoys working with younger audiences, from pre-school through to primary sevens. She has performed across the north of Scotland in schools, halls and community centres.

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