Martin Watssman

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Martin Watssman tells stories which have a supernatural twist or feature: stories from the Celtic/Scottish folk tradition, Selkie tales, ghost stories and tales which explain natural phenomena, including animal stories. His particular passion lies in fairy tales, especially if they are spiced with humour.

Martin is at home storytelling and leading workshops with primary, secondary and adult audiences. While preferring to work indoors to create an intimate atmosphere, he also leads sessions outdoors, using stories to add colour to natural surroundings.

Born in Glasgow in 1958, Martin was influenced by his father’s stories of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, which filled his imagination with huge dogs, little mermaids and gingerbread cottages.

After various occupations, which included a spell in the Middle East, he settled in a ‘boring’ computer office for twelve years before his storytelling career was fuelled by his occupation as an in-character tour guide, which involves him greeting many British and overseas visitors – a rich source for gathering new stories!

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