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Scottish, and from a long line of Storytellers, Rona was born in Glasgow one of 8 children to registered blind parents and as a result she quickly learned the value and importance of communicating with others through story from an early age. Rona is a strong advocate for resurrecting storytelling within families and in schools. She writes several of her own works and also has a huge repertoire of stories including love stories, spine chilling ghost stories, traditional and fairy tales.

Rona has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a storyteller in education and using storytelling as her medium she has worked in schools, colleges and universities all over the UK and abroad. A lifetimes study of the human psyche and human behaviour has armed her with the knowledge that stories can and do change lives. She has had remarkable success working with disengaged and disaffected young people particularly in PRUs (Pupil Referral Units). She has received recognition for her work with troubled teens and has been awarded for her work in this area by being nominated as Cheshire Woman of the Year for her services to storytelling. She is recognised as being one of the most successful independent career storytellers of our time.

Before returning to Scotland recently, for the previous 20 years she was based in England and was a Director of the Board of The Society for Storytelling for 6 years. Rona travelled far and wide including The Middle East, Russia, Cyprus and Italy where she regularly hosts storytelling workshops.

As a NIACE consultant (requires 10 years experience in the field) she is commissioned to write and deliver CPD units for storytelling in adult and family education.

As an Emotional Therapist:
Rona uses her experience to improve the lives of others and was employed 1 day per week for 7 years as a Drama/Literacy Therapist in a Manchester Grammar School until she left England in 2010.

In the Commercial Workplace:
Rona is also a successful public speaker and after dinner speaker of many years standing.
For 15 years (she hung up her boots in May 2009) she was MC and Corporate Host at the Europa VIP suite at famous Manchester United Football Club on match days.

Rona runs CPD Workshops for storytellers in education as well as storytelling in business, storytelling in the workplace and storytelling as a business.

Rona is a Trustee with OpenStoryTellers and Member of EQUITY.


‘I had never been told a story before and I will never forget it’ (Sean, aged seven)

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