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Rowan Morrison

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Rowan believes in the power of storytelling for personal and social change; a creative art that can increase wellbeing. She tells tales of the natural world, spirit worlds, the elements, the wheel of the year and fairy tales, bringing magic into the ‘middle world’. As a Scottish storyteller, she likes to tell in the ‘mither tongue’ and writes short stories in Scots.

Rowan trained as a Community Artist, then as a Theater of the Oppressed facilitator, followed by a degree in Community Education. She has worked with children, young people and adults in various communities over the last 30 years. She has experience using educational tools to raise awareness of mental health issues; she uses puppets to teach school children what they should do if they experience abuse as well as using life-story mapping, creative writing and song to raise awareness of domestic abuse and homelessness.

Rowan can offer a range of bespoke creative workshops for groups of all ages that are participatory in nature. Her workshops aim to be educational, empowering and a catalyst for personal, or social change. They include supporting others to write, or tell their own stories, which are birthed to the sound of the frame drum.

She often combines informal storytelling with art and craftwork, as a way of telling individual and community stories. She loves nothing better than telling a tale, or two around a fire to the smell of smoke and crackle of red hot coals!

Rowan is also a shamanic practitioner and teacher, supporting people to dream new stories into being to help them create a better world for themselves and others.

‘Rowan doesn’t just tell you a story. She leads you straight into the heart and soul of it. She transports you to a magical land, and when you return, reluctantly, you will feel as if you have just emerged from a time machine, still tasting the Scottish salt air on your tongue.’ (Jane Burns)

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