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Seoras Macpherson’s stories come from family traditions passed down through many generations in Skye and Argyll.  These include stories of the epic heroes Fionn and Cuchullin, and tales of fairies, water horses and the seal people.  He has also gathered many legends and historical stories about the early Saints, the Jacobites, the Clearances and the two World Wars.

Seoras tells his stories in a poised but natural way, allowing the mood of the story, whether sad, humorous or mysterious, to lead the audience. He is at home in schools, community centres, ceilidhs and festivals, and is an enthusiastic contributor to workshops, conferences and publications on many Highland topics.

He works regularly with older people in Resource Centres and other venues, with blind and visually impaired people, and with disadvantaged children at the Columba 1400 project. Seoras tells stories on the sites where the stories occurred; on hill or moor, by the sea, river or loch, continuing an ancient tradition of Celtic storytelling.

Born in Greenock in 1933 and brought up in Ardnamurchan, Seoras worked in the West of Scotland for many years before returning to his father’s home country in Glendale to commit himself to storytelling and writing. Seoras Macpherson is a founder member of the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

He features regularly in storytelling events at home and overseas and administers the Isle of Skye Storytelling Festival.

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