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Sònia Gardés is a storyteller, puppeteer and theatre maker from Barcelona who is based in Glasgow. She loves offering multi sensory moving spaces of exploration through her stories, finding the most exceptional and the most mundane aspects of life reflected in them.

In her career she has worked with young audiences, from babies to teenagers, as well as with adults. Her stories are interactive and in them she often makes use of her many skills, such as puppetry, physicality and music.

Sònia is a chameleonic storyteller who loves tailoring events, exploring folk tales, contemporary stories and personal narratives. She is passionate about stories that reflect on environmentalism, the power of communities, feminism and the celebration of diversity. She uses storytelling to create magic for events such as festivals and parties as well as with an educational approach, including storytelling to teach Spanish in Early Years Centres and Primary Schools.

In her career as a storyteller, Sònia has worked with many local communities and organisations, like the Wee Spanish Mobile Library, The Hidden Gardens, the Swap Market, the Forestry Commission, Playbase and Glasgow Women’s Library, and she has also performed internationally in Scotland, England, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Her most recent work includes the final development of What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn’t know). Based on her personal story, this show is the result of Sònia’s research on her exiled Great-Grandfather and the intergenerational trauma that the family has carried since the Spanish Civil War. Acclaimed by audiences, and with a four stars review by The Herald, the show has been performed in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Amsterdam.

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