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Sylvia Troon

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Sylvia has been writing and illustrating her own stories, and making things since her early childhood.  After studying at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1960s, then teaching art in schools, she embarked on a career in puppetry.  She spent almost 20 years of travelling throughout Scotland as “Kenspeckle Puppets”, performing regularly during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Netherbow Theatre (Scottish Storytelling Centre), and in The Puppet Animation Festival.  The fascination for oral storytelling led her to search for ways build up a repertoire of telling stories with and without accompanying puppets, and to help other interested people in their journey.

After a number of years as a storyteller, Sylvia has decided to retire from this side of her life, and to concentrate on mentoring one-to one, and on painting, writing and illustration.  She has always been motivated to share and encourage, and she is very happy to welcome people at her home, or to meet up elsewhere to discuss, exchange ideas, and advise on a wide range of storytelling skills. This includes voice awareness, the visual arts, songs and music, and the making and manipulation of puppets.

Meanwhile, Sylvia will continue with her educational storytelling and puppetry for Historic Environment Scotland at Stirling Castle.   She has also created a book about the castle with illustrations for the nursery age group, and her second book is for Early Years to link with visits to the museum of The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.  There are plans for a third book about the castle for schools.

Sylvia has been working with Lea Taylor, storyteller and writer, and illustrated her book “Midlothian Tales”, and is illustrating another book for her:  “Animals, Beasties and Monsters.”

She belongs to a vibrant and friendly storytelling group in Dundee called Blether Tay Gither.

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