10 Years of the Scottish Storytelling Centre: Sylvia Law

The past 10 years have seen thousands of visitors walk through the Storytelling Centre’s doors, be it to hear stories, catch a show, see an exhibition, attend a workshop, or just to enjoy a cup of tea and one of the Story Cafe’s famous scones. While it’s a lovely spot to relax, it’s also a great place to work! As Visitor Services Assistant Sylvia Law says:

My favourite memories of working at the centre involve all the wonderful staff. I have great memories of wandering into the kitchen to hear Davide playing his accordion, whilst listening to a good old story! I love that you can hear Donald from anywhere in the centre due to his enormous laugh. I have a great admiration for how the Centre brings people from all different backgrounds together and makes them feel welcome. There is a sense of community here that we all share on a daily basis. I feel enriched by the wonderful stories shared, and through participating and forming part of the Centre’s team!

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