A Scrapbook of Genius for Children from Shona Reppe

In her white lab coat, and armed with tweezers, a magnifying glass and other alluring scientific instruments, Dr Patricia Baker; part detective, part scientist and world renowned Scrapologist visits Edinburgh to examine, page-by-page, a mysterious scrapbook. Where did it come from? Who did it belong to? What is its story? All these questions will be answered in good time, the problem with scrapbooks is that they are puzzling to everyone except their owner – but the clues are in the pages.

So, are you ready Scrapettes? (Yes, that’s you) then join Dr Baker as she enters the world of the scrapbook at the Scottish Storytelling Centre for 4 performances, from Thu 6 – Sat 8 April.

Part storytelling, part object theatre, and featuring animation and a rich soundscape, The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean is an award-winning and fantastical journey through the portal of a mysterious scrapbook; a show that will have children aged 7+ and their families completely glued to the action as the story unfolds before them.

The show has toured extensively all over the world including Australia’s Perth and Adelaide Festivals and recently Cairo, Egypt, and returns to its Scottish home, with a stop at the Scottish Storytelling Centre for a curious adventure over the mid-term before travelling onto Giffnock and Hawick.

Shona Reppe has been making theatre for children since 1996 with a world-class reputation for inventive design (Black Beauty, White) as well as performance (Cinderella, Potato Needs a Bath, Huff) and Josephine Bean is no exception, winning the TMA UK theatre award for best children’s theatre show in 2012.

‘Reppe has created a highly original, beautifully delicate and thoroughly engaging piece of children’s theatre’(Mark Brown, Sunday Herald)

‘Shona Reppe has conjured a near-perfect production for those aged seven years and over…. A truly wonderful show that will charm parents as much as their children’(Thom Dibdin, The Stage)

The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean is at the Scottish Storytelling Centre from Thu 6 – Sat 8 Apr at 2pm and Sat 8 Apr at 11am (45mins).

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