About us

A Common Platform & Collective Voice for Traditional Arts

TRACS brings together the Traditional Music Forum, the Scottish Storytelling Forum and the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland to showcase Scotland’s rich cultural heritage, and to improve the knowledge, practice, development and advocacy of traditional arts in a contemporary world, making them more accessible to all.

TRACS leads, in consultation with the Forums, on shared advocacy, policy development, strategic relationships, programme initiatives and promotion, involving different aspects of Scotland’s traditional arts, culture and languages.

TRACS operates in a uniquely collaborative way appropriate to the diverse networks that underpin Scotland’s arts of tradition locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


• Encouraging collaboration across traditional art forms & languages
• Holistic, inclusive & welcoming inspired by tradition to innovate & develop


• Lobbying for more support for Traditional Arts
• Building partnerships with arts organisations, education authorities and local authorities


• Sharing core resources to ensure effective communication & promotion for Traditional Arts activities
• Showcasing collective assets of artists, festivals and local traditions for cultural and economic benefit


Chair: Andrew Bachell

Gary West

Mara Menzies

Bea Ferguson

Pia Walker

Jackie Ross

Heather Yule

Rachael Duff

Eleanor Sinclair