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TRACS hosts a variety of courses and workshops, offering a feast of participative culture for anyone involved in arts, education and community work across Scotland.

A range of professional development opportunities give you access to quality teaching and resources exploring Scottish culture and the traditional arts.

Suitable for teachers, social workers, care staff, volunteers, artists and individuals wanting to develop their skills in participative arts.

We can also make sure you get the right person for your own training events to empower you to utilise the traditional arts.

Rediscover imagination’s power to enliven, educate and transform.


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Workshop Strands

Crafting Your Skills

Reflect on and widen your skill set in storytelling, music, dance and song

Enlivened Communities

Cross artform workshops explore the relationship between creative practice and community enrichment, aimed at particular areas of social engagement

Scotland’s Cultures

Introduction to cultural resources and themes for interpretation


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Workshop Aims

Enhance our capacity for life by assisting people to understand, interpret and influence the world around them
Enrich our experience by bringing colour, passion and intensity to our emotions, thoughts and imaginations
Provide a supportive environment so people can build their skills, confidence and self-esteem
Enable all who live and visit Scotland to share in its culture, celebrating diversity and hosting an international web of folk connections

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