Arts Oasis

Arts Oasis: Performing Arts Residency in Italy

Arts Oasis
June 1 – 6, 2015 – Tuscany

Arts Oasis believes that performers all over the world belong to “one huge small world” speaking the universal “intercultural” language, and need to meet each other to refresh energies, find new collaborations, share creative ideas and have great fun! 
For this we have created Arts Oasis Residency!

This creative residency is open to dancers, choreographers, actors, directors, contemporary circus performers, artists from various backgrounds and techniques, passionate and inspired by movement, dance and Physical Theatre, interested in practical research of contemporary performance practice together with colleagues from all over the world. 

The program will take place at the territory of the XII century Monastery in Tuscany region,
famous for being the place of seclusion for such outstanding figure as Dante Alighieri!

The monastery is situated in the natural park on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the Apuan AlpsEverything is organized at the same territory: creative space, accommodation and full board, so participants can concentrate on creation and communication without distracting to routine necessaries.

Participants can enjoy the practical creative communication with colleagues from around the world,
relax in the beautiful nature and even bathe at the private beach of the monastery!

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