Audience with Bannockburn begins summer activities

A fortnight of engrossing storytelling sessions exploring the fascinating medieval warriors of 1314 who changed the path of Scotland’s history forever.

Activities kick off tonight as Calum Lykan hosts the Centre’s monthly session Café Voices with Traditional Scottish Tales.

An Audience with Bannockburn is a commemorative celebration for the 700th anniversary and the Centre’s Court space has been transformed into a working medieval courtyard with banners, period costumes and atmospheric visuals.

At the epicentre of this mini-festival is a massive new 4 by 9 meter tall evolving mural by artist Christopher Rutterford, that will provide a window on the battle and depth to the scene, transporting visitors back in time and providing the perfect setting for atmospheric storytelling performance.

Calum Lykan – compere and chief storyteller will be present in full medieval battle garb, cutting a dashing figure as Robert the Bruce, the most famous king of Scots and there will be a range of other costumes and toys designed to allow kids of all ages to get into the spirit of the action, as he explains:   

I’m really excited to be leading the show; it’s a massive honour to be King for the fortnight. Our team have created a stunning environment full of drama and interest. We’re going to have a lot of fun – I can’t wait to regale visitors with the story of ‘my’ most famous victory and get them involved in the action.

Calum and the team have developed a projected video environment specifically designed to immerse visitors in the story and simulate the terrain of Bannockburn. At the flick of a switch they can turn the venue into a battle board and Calum will invite them to play their part as he walks them through his conquest in a specially designed show.

Fusing  theatrical technique, storytelling and art, the action will be played out multiple times daily and visitors will be invited to take their part in a fun and light-hearted battle re-enactment in the Centre – for daily sessions times click here.   

Other Bannockburn events

As well as the main daily events, there are four one-off family events across the next two weekends, featuring a special range of performers who provide a timely taster for the Bannockburn experience and uncover the fascinating insights into life in the 1300s.

A Father’s Day Special
Sylvia TroonOn Sun 15 June at 3.30pm, we celebrate Robert the Bruce as a father, son and husband through the eyes of the women who loved him, and explore what it was like being a woman in medieval times. Storytellers Rosie Mapplebeck and Allison Galbraith, with musical accompaniment by Ian Page, present fascinating insights, such as women kidnapping men, in this hour long dedication to Scotland’s immortal hero.

Robert the Bruce & The Broonie
Sylvia Troon, puppeteer and storyteller, introduces the Broonie – a mysterious wee creature that observes Robert the Bruce and ends up playing an important role in the upcoming proceedings… Curious?

You’ll have to come along on Sat 21 June at 10.30am and find out, and with a puppet-making session afterwards, how can you say no?

Mistress QuillThe Fight, the Faith and the Magic
Tales of King Robert the Bruce and Michael Scot the Wizard – two towering figures from the medieval Borderlands. Near contemporaries in life and connected in death, their stories are told by Mistress Quill (storyteller Mary Kenny) with dress, music and song from the Middle Ages on Sun 22 June at 1.30pm.

Tales of William Wallace
Get to know the real William Wallace and hear of his fascinating relationship with Robert the Bruce as storyteller Colin Williamson presents a fun and informative session for all the family on Sun 22 June at 3.30pm.


Plus evening sessions of storytelling and music throughout the fortnight including folk collective The Gorms, (18 Jun) storyteller Stuart McHardy and his fascinating insight into the Highland and Border raiders (25 Jun), an evening version for adults of the immersive daily events (24 Jun) and on the 27 Jun a finale Ceilidh.

The Gorms

Get ahead of the game and have a look through our Summer programme!

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