Scots Radio: celebrating the Scots Language – and the fowk that jist spik it.

Scots Radio was launched in December 2013 and over the last 4 years has gained not just audiences but respect for its mix of music, culture, history and reflections on life today in Scotland – all delivered in Scots. 

Frieda Morrison is the powerhouse behind Scots Radio, combining effortlessly being Producer, Director and Broadcaster. She is ably assisted by soon sorter (sound man) Richie Werner of B&B productions and guest appearances from Steve Byrne.

Frieda explains “I felt that fowk wanted tae hear faar they come fae recognised and reflected in the media…..they wint tae hear the voices and music that resonate wi them. And we are pleased to shine a light on our strong Scottish talent”. 

Contributors are encouraged to engage in conversation in their ain language and in whatever accent or dialect they use. Music is also an important aspect of programming “we are delighted tae be able to create a new platform and audience for the music maakers in Scotland and beyond. And judging by the comments fae listeners -they are enjoyin fit they hear” explains Frieda.


Frieda feels that the use of Scots in song is an important aspect of the programme, and music and song play an important part in her own life.  She comes from a long line of north east ballad singers and has three song albums to her name featuring her own songs and traditional. In 2012/13, Frieda was appointed ‘Singer in Residence’ – following on from Jean Redpath – at the School of Celtic and Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University. 


 “We hiv sae mony amazin singers and musicians in Scotland as we witness in concerts and festivals throughout the land and highlighted in the amount o Scots winning categories at the recent Radio 2 Folk Awards. That quality has been honed and highlighted by the teachin at the Scottish Conservatoire, an the Music School at Plockton, an by the large number o talented teachers a oer Scotland. The challenge is how tae get them a ontae a platform and heard – and Scots Radio is pleased tae be playing a part in creatin that platform.”


The growing audiences – at home and abroad – alongside the freshness of approach and voice, led to Scots Radio being nominated at the Celtic Media Festival in the Radio Magazine Show category – alongside global radio brands such as BBC and RTE. Frieda was inspired by this “to be nominated wis an honour, an tae be recognised bi an international panel o judges is an important step for Scots Radio and the Scots language. We hiv come a lang wye, bit the nomination hs teen us a lot further up that road”.

You can find out more and listen to Scots Radio here