Smith Commission

Although the TMF did not make a submission to the recent Smith Commission on Scottish devolution, as a member of the Culture Counts group it signed up to the following statement (which states some important principles regardless of the outcome of Smith).

The Scotland Devolution Commission is an important opportunity for both the UK and Scottish governments to recognise the value of culture to a flourishing Scotland.  That value should be enshrined in any constitutionally-agreed statement of principles, stating simply that culture is core to Scotland’s people, our future, and that taking part in culture is a human right.

Cultural value should inform all policy areas and can be expressed in terms of human, social and economic value and impact.  Culture Counts believes that:

  • cultural expression is an individual right and supports a better understanding of our own and others’ identities
  • culture is fundamental to our quality of life
  • culture is a powerful force for renewal, regeneration and sustainability
  • culture can bring economic benefits to individuals, communities and the nation
  • culture makes important contributions to improving the learning, health, well-being, confidence and quality of life for individuals and our communities
  • culture is crucial in the development of a skilled and imaginative population
  • culture encourages understanding, value and enjoyment of our environment
  • culture raises the profile of Scotland and home and abroad, connecting Scotland to the world

Both the UK and Scottish governments have an important role to play in supporting culture at this crucial time and in realising its value in Scotland’s future.