At PRS Foundation, we receive over 4,000 applications every year. Each application is assessed by expert advisors in order for us to shortlist applications to go through to a decision panel.

We’re looking to expand our pool of advisors and have launched a new application process so that those working in the music industry and/or the development of music creator talent can get involved. We are looking for experts from all genres who are based anywhere in the UK.

This is an opportunity to work with PRS Foundation, the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development, and to help decide who gets our timely and impactful support. Many assessors also discover excellent new music in the process.

In these challenging circumstances we want to prioritise this paid opportunity to support freelancers, self-employed workers, and independent music experts who might need extra income, so please state in the form if this is the case for you.

Each application takes around 10mins to assess and we pay £3 per application. Invoices will be paid once the assessing has been completed. If you prove to be reliable and passionate about the opportunity we may ask you to take part in a decision panel, which is usually done in a round-table format – at the moment we are planning to host them online so that our funding rounds, deadlines and decision dates are not impacted by the pandemic.

Apply before 6pm on 25th March (we might get in touch with you before that if we have demand).