CARA release “Mòran Taing” charity single for Cancer Research on 28th March 2019

CARA release “Mòran Taing” charity single for Cancer Research on 28th March 2019,

and welcome new bandmate, Aimee Farrell Courtney (bodhrán) from Ireland

CARA are delighted to announce the release of their forthcoming single, “Mòran Taing”, which means “many thanks” in Scots Gaelic. Written by Scottish songwriter and CARA member, Kim Edgar (piano, lead vocals), the song celebrates her father’s life.

Kim explains:

My dad, Derek John Edgar, was an extra-ordinary man: creative, gentle, positive, loving, and determined. He remained just as extra-ordinary when facing cancer of an unknown primary source, for which no successful treatment could be found. In the last week of his life, I wrote him a thank you card, because I wanted him to know how grateful my family and I were to have him in our lives. He told me I should turn what I had written into a happy song – and writing happy songs is something I have always found difficult! But my dad always encouraged me to meet new challenges. So now, on his second anniversary, we’re releasing “Mòran Taing” – a song of thanks for my dad’s life, and his legacy.”

The Scots Gaelic chorus lyric means “many thanks, goodbye for now, fare you well for now, many thanks”. CARA have recently been performing the song on tour, and were inspired by the audience reaction to release the song as a single to raise money for others affected by cancer, and to make an official music video combining footage and photographs from Derek’s life – a life lived to the full: building houses, raising a family and riding in international motorcycle trials.

Kim’s bandmate, founding CARA member Gudrun Walther (fiddle, accordion, lead vocals) says:

We know that grief will affect us all at some point in our lives. It’s a song of parting – but an uplifting one. We hope that for those who have experienced loss, this song’s focus on gratitude for the people who enrich our lives will bring some comfort – as well as raising funds to support those faced with a cancer diagnosis.”

Mòran Taing” also marks a new chapter in CARA’s life: after their “CARA:live” album last year, celebrating 15 years as a band, this single is CARA’s first release since the addition of Aimee Farrell Courtney, 2010 World Bodhrán Champion, to the quintet line up. Aimee, who comes from Ireland, has made a big impression on European audiences since joining the band, with her dynamic and versatile playing, which is featured on the official music video for Mòran Taing”. Aimee mentions:

CARA’s main touring circuit is in and around Germany – but I’m keen to get the band over to Ireland to play at home, as well! And after recording the single, I can’t wait to start working on our forthcoming album.”

The band look forward to extensive touring this year in Germany and Switzerland – and have just confirmed a headline slot at Priddy Folk Festival in England on Saturday 13th July 2019. For full details of all forthcoming gigs, visit

The single will available from www.cara-music.comand digital download stores from Thursday, 28th March 2019, as will the official music video, which is currently unlisted, but can be watched now from here.


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