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Changes Coming for The Touring Network’s Tourbook

Tourbook is the online showcasing platform for promoters, performers, venue representatives and networks who work with touring live performance to small-scale venues in Scotland.

Since it’s beta launch in 2013, Tourbook has been available to those working within The Touring Network region and during this time they have received feedback, ideas, thoughts and comments from many of their users on how we can improve the platform – as well as interest from many others – in other parts of Scotland and beyond in the platform.

In April 2015, The Touring Network established an Innovation Lab – a team of associates and contractors to take forward development of the new version and related projects. The vision for this development is to make Tourbook work better, do more and be of benefit to more people.

Design of the new version is now well underway and they are working towards a launch in early 2016.

Introducing the new Tourbook Development Log
As part of the development process they have built a simple development log to provide up-to-date information about what is happening, what to expect from Tourbook in the future and how you can get involved. Find out more here.

Help make Tourbook work for you
The Touring Network are currently looking for promoters, performers, agents and networks to provide feedback, input and advice on how you think they should best develop Tourbook. If you are interested in being a part of the development process and helping to shape the future of this exciting platform then get in touch.

Already using Tourbook?
The current version of Tourbook is still available to everyone working to promote and tour live performance throughout the Highlands & Islands. Head over there now to promote your show or find your next big hit.