Confessions of a Reformed Folk Singer with Bob Pegg

Bob Pegg is best known in the Highlands as a storyteller. But from 1960 until well into the 1980s he made his living as a singer and composer on the British folk scene. Performing, and recording for Transatlantic Records, with his band Mr Fox, with instrumentalist the late Nick Strutt, and as a soloist, he was once dubbed “the Wild Man of Folk” by the Melody Maker.

In Confessions of a Reformed Folk Singer, Bob performs some of his best known songs – including The Gipsy, The Hanged Man, and The Werewolf of Old Chapeltown – and tells stories of life on the road, tales of black magic in deepest Lancashire, being a Yorkshire Ripper suspect, and getting shot at in Manchester.

This event is part of the WOTS (What’s on the Street) Festival in Dingwall

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