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Connecting Scotland’s Sounds: coaching programme

*From National Library of Scotland*


Is there a hurdle in your sound archiving work which you’re finding it hard to get over? Is there a pressing gap in your knowledge or skills that you need to address? The Connecting Scotland’s Sounds training programme features a coaching strand which might be perfect for you.

The coaching programme will match successful applicants with an external expert to help you make progress with preserving and sharing your sound recordings. Connecting Scotland’s Sounds will arrange and fund a half-day site visit and 2 hours of further follow-up time by email or phone within two weeks of the visit.

Applications will be assessed by the Connecting Scotland’s Sounds project board on the basis of the greatest impact for investment. The coaching programme will be initially piloted with two organisations, and may later be rolled out to further applicants further to impact evaluation.

Terms & conditions

Proposals must be submitted by midday on Monday 8 August, and will be assessed at the discretion of the Connecting Scotland’s Sounds project board. All those who submitted proposals will be informed about the status of their proposal by 19 August 2016. The coaching site visit must take place by Tuesday 4 October 2016, with any follow up correspondence completed and the case study submitted by Friday 21 October 2016.

Fees, travel expenses, subsistence costs and any accommodation costs for the coach will be funded directly by Connecting Scotland’s Sounds project.

Successful applicants are expected to make the necessary preparations to gain maximum benefit from the site visit, and must plan in follow-up time to get the most out of the email/phone advice time. They must also have an arrangement in place for an alternative colleague to step in to host the site visit in case of any unforeseen circumstances which would prevent the applicant from being available on the agreed site visit day. In these circumstances it will not be possible to reschedule the visit.

Please note that external coaches will not be able to deliver work on your behalf (write policies, do digitisation, etc) – their time is to be used for advisory purposes only.

We cannot guarantee to be able to find someone with suitable expertise within a reasonable travel distance to Scotland to help you with your issue. We reserve the right to offer coaching to another organisation/individual if this is the case. Although we will closely consider any specific coaches suggested, we reserve the right to decide on the most suitable coach based on timings, expertise and costs.

Coaching programme participants must co-write a 1-2 page case study with their coach giving feedback on the process and any progress made. Connecting Scotland’s Sounds will have the unrestricted right to share this both on and offline for the wider benefit of other sound archivists.

Connecting Scotland’s Sounds is a project funded by Esmee Fairbairn from 2016-2017 to champion the preservation and sharing of Scotland’s audio heritage.

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