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Contribute to a Marathon of Halloween Storytelling

Young, old and everyone in between are invited to share a story this Halloween, as the Scottish International Storytelling Festival hosts an inaugural and very special free event – The Devil and the Clutch of Fools: A Spontaneous Marathon of Halloween Storytelling.

This marathon event brings storytellers from different nations together with local people in a storytelling extravaganza, to face off against the demons of Halloween. Storyteller Alexander Mackenzie will host the event, weaving and cobbling together all the stories under a spell of Machiavellian wit.

Speaking of the event, Alexander says:

“The big idea is to encourage, cajole and enable a community of storytellers and non-storytellers to take part in creating a story, made up of a lot of stories weaved together spontaneously by a thread of narrative by me, connected to the Halloween theme.

“Celebrating the festival theme of Open Word – Open World, my hope is to gather a rich collection of tellers – professional and amateur, local, national and international – to gather and share stories. We will start with stories for younger children at the beginning, leading to adult stories later on with a rich broth of funny, scary and foolish tales. We hope to incorporate music and song in the mix as well, as storytelling events so often include these elements. My intention is to celebrate the notion of ‘One Story’ that weaves many stories.

“As the festival celebrates 70 years of Edinburgh being a centre point for celebrating diversity of culture, no one will be turned away from contributing, as all are welcomed to share in this one story of festive inclusivity. I would love to get the word out to all attending the festival that they are welcome to come along, watch, cheer, sing, play music or simply witness the unfolding of a tale never told in its entirety before, nor can ever be repeated!”

Come along to the Scottish Storytelling Centre from 10am on Tuesday 31st of October to get involved and experience this truly unique event. The day will be loosely staggered for different age groups as follows:

Children up to 10: 10am-12pm

Young Adults 11-16: 12pm-2pm

Adults: 2pm onwards

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