Discover Our TRACS Storytelling Workshop Programme 2023

Our participatory sessions are designed to help you improve your skills and share your experiences with fellow storytelling enthusiasts.

The carefully curated TRACS and Scottish Storytelling Forum 2023 workshop programme offers you the chance to work with highly-skilled and experienced artists, giving you guidance on improving your practice and discovering your own talent. 

We offer workshops for all levels, no matter if you’re someone who’s a complete beginner and curious about the art, or already performing and working as a storyteller, there’s something for everyone.

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Let’s take a look at what’s on offer!

Getting Started:

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get started. Our Starting with Stories (Sat 25 Feb) session is a hands-on, practical introduction to live storytelling and the associated skills. Led by storyteller Janis Mackay, this workshop is for anyone curious about discovering and developing their own storytelling talent.

Further Into Stories (Sat 18 Mar) takes you a step further in exploring your own storytelling talent in various contexts and situations. For storytellers with some amount of experience, run by storyteller Ruth Kirkpatrick.

Seasonal Stories:

Every season brings with it a wealth of stories that tap into the traditions and natural changes that occur throughout the year.

In Spring (Sat 11 Mar) Allison Galbraith explores themes of nature, Beltane and creation myths; Daniel Serridge leads a Summer (Sat 13 May) session on food, festivals and foliage; Pauline Cordiner celebrates Autumn (Sat 9 Sep) with Hallowe’en, harvest and hibernation; Bob Mitchell brings the year to a close with Winter (Sat 11 Nov) themes such as Christmas, New Year traditions, Burns and Valentines.

Skills Development for Storytellers:

Are you a storyteller looking to deepen your practice and enhance your professional skills? Look no further, because we have a handful of workshops that will support your development and address different aspects of the storytelling craft.

Movement & Body (Sat 15 Apr)

This workshop offers a chance to find a deeper connection to your body, increase precision and clarity in your body language and explore your own unique style of expression through movement.

Led by storytellers Shona Cowie and Inés Álvarez Villa, both of whom have extensive experience in combining storytelling and movement through training in Mime and Clowning (L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq) and in Ballet practices respectively.

Storytelling Science & Nature (Fri 5 May)

The greatest naturalists have also been great storytellers. This workshop led by internationally renowned storyteller Susan Strauss will focus on telling personal stories whilst drawing from the power of myth and nature to enhance your telling.

This workshop is aimed at storytellers with some level of experience. Please prepare a short personal story from your experiences in nature to be shared and revised. Please also wear clothing that is easy to move in.

Finding Your Voice (Sat 20 May)

Learn how to warm up and look after your voice, exploring your vocal range to create characters and engage an audience. We will also look at dealing with nerves and take a crash course into the fun-filled world of voice overs and voice acting.

Led by LAMDA trained actor Donald Pirie, who is one of the most used voices on the Scottish airwaves in the last 20 years. Donald has recorded hundreds of adverts, narrated TV shows and announced gameshows, voicing animations and games for the likes of the BBC and Netflix.

Writing Your Story (Sat 17 Jun)

Ever wanted to shape mythical stories on the page as well on stage? This workshop will explore the tips and tricks (and hard work!) required to turn myth and legend into fiction. We will cover how to generate ideas and characters, build them into a cohesive plot and sustain a disciplined writing practice.

Led by storyteller, author and podcaster Daniel Allison, whose book Scottish Myths & Legends is a USA Today bestseller.

About the Scottish Storytelling Forum

The Scottish Storytelling Forum Membership is designed for anyone who wishes to support storytelling in Scotland. It is for professional storytellers, community storytellers, budding storytellers, arts and community workers, educators, policy makers or simply fans of the art form.

Annual membership cost:

  • £20 (£15) for Directory storytellers
  • £15 for a general Storytelling Forum membership


Storytelling Forum Development Day – Save the date if you are a professional storyteller, aspiring storyteller, or an individual simply interested in connecting and supporting the scene in Scotland. A great way to network and meet like-minded tellers!

Storytelling Apprentice Scheme – Our storytelling apprentice group meets every couple of months to practise, share learning and develop the skills of a professional storyteller.

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