Edinburgh Folk Club Carrying Stream Festival tickets now on sale

Wednesday 4 to 11 November 2015 (inc)
All tickets for the festival are now available.

To order, e:
Paddy Bort
Or buy at Edinburgh FC weekly gigs from Wednesday 7 October onwards

Most of the nine excellent shows are on sale at Coda Music on the Mound as well and one at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.
And there are two free shows as well.

See website for details

The CARRYING STREAM FESTIVAL is organised annually in November by the Edinburgh Folk Club to celebrate the life and work of the great Scottish folklorist and writer Hamish Henderson

Hamish Henderson (1919-2002) is often referred to as the ‘father of the Scottish folk revival’. Since the year of his death, Edinburgh Folk Club has kept the memory of this remarkable man alive in an annual festival dedicated to his life and legacy.
But the Carrying Stream Festival is not just a shrine to the great folklorist, song collector, poet and songwriter, political activist and convener of inspired colloquia in Sandy Bell’s – it is a Festival in the spirit of Hamish Henderson: celebrating traditional music, song, storytelling and poetry in all their historical and contemporary contexts, presenting established tradition bearers alongside international acts and up-and-coming talents. It is looking backward and forward, is part of the carrying stream of the folk tradition.
The Carrying Stream Festival is held in November to coincide with Hamish Henderson’s birthday on 11 November.