Edinburgh TradFest 2019

The past, present and future of traditional music

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Edinburgh Tradfest has a rich story. With its longer tap roots in the Edinburgh Folk Festival, it was launched by Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS) in 2013 to provide a distinctive platform for folk arts in the capital city. Edinburgh is a hot house of talent, home grown and visiting, and Tradfest is an opportunity to see it all in play.

In 2016, TRACS asked us at the Soundhouse Organisation to programme a series of concerts for them. With many years of concert promoting, from house gatherings from 2002 up to the current Monday nights at The Traverse Bar, they were well placed to select a dynamic line up of musical stars from home and abroad.

Due to diminished funding TRACS honoured their commitment with a very strong Tradfest 2018 programme, but when it came to appraise the situation for 2019, it was decided Tradfest couldn’t continue without funding.
The Soundhouse Organisation thought it was a shame to lose the festival particularly at a time when Scotland’s traditional music scene is so strong and vibrant, so TRACS has passed it on, as traditions should be!

Soundhouse acknowledge thanks to Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Tattoo Culture Fund for their support, and partners at The Queen’s Hall, The Traverse, the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Edinburgh Folk Club for lending their spaces and giving the benefit of their considerable expertise.

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