Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin seeks Big Band Co-ordinator

Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin Big Band is a really fun group of talented high school aged musicians currently led by accordionist Padruig Morrison. They meet approximately once a month during the Autumn and Spring terms (4 hour workshops) and aim to put together excellent performances. This term they are reviving an old collaboration with Tinderbox Orchestra and in the past they have performed at the Queens Hall supporting Kathleen MacInnes, at Summerhall supporting Mr McFalls Chamber and had a suite of new music composed for them to perform as part of a cross-arts project led by visual storyteller Jan Bee Brown.

Numbers range from around 20 to the current mammoth 28. There’s plenty of scope for development and EYG sees it as a highly important programme.

EYG are looking for someone with artistic vision and excellent organisational skills with a bit of spare time on their hands. The role is semi-voluntary, with an admin fee available depending on the balance of the budget as it is currently self-funding (please contact for more details about that!). Tasks include:

– Organising session dates with tutor
– Booking the rehearsal venue
– Recruiting a volunteer to support the tutor
– Advertising for participants (mainly through mailing lists and social media)
– Communicating with parents and participants
– Organising performances (usually finding existing concerts to perform at)
– Attending sessions in Edinburgh where necessary (not always necessary, and of course it’s fun)
– Keeping track of the budget

Big Band is organised until the end of this term but will need someone to take over around November/December to get venue and dates booked for next term. EYG have already been approached about a possible very exciting project for next Autumn though!

Anyone interested in getting involved please contact by 23rd October. There is a session on this Sunday (4th Oct) and one 25th Oct if you would like to attend to see what it’s like (get in touch to discuss)

Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin is a 20 year old volunteer-led community organisation delivering traditional music activities in Edinburgh.