Scottish International Storytelling Festival
Dovecot Studios

What is the role of storytellers in the twenty-first century and how can
we realise the principles and goals of The Earth Charter Initiative?
Over three days we take to heart the three questions asked by Immanuel
Kant: What can I know? What should I do? What may I hope? The Gathering
will be supported by Stories in Place, a digital resource for mapping
and celebrating narratives of place and local identity across the globe.
Each day will have keynote stories, talks, discussions and workshops,
culminating in plenary celebration on Friday 27th October.

Day 1 – Storytelling for Nature The first day of the gathering will
focus on the themes of Living Creatively with Nature; Sustainability;
Ecology and Culture; Mapping, connecting and guiding. With contributions
from Joe Harawira, Mirian Vilela of the Earth Charter, Malcolm Green,
Alette Willis, Georgiana Keable, Bernard Anson, and storyteller
Alexander Mackenzie.

Day 2 – Storytelling for Peace and Justice The second day of the
gathering will focus on the themes of Conflict Resolution; Citizenship
Awareness, Education and Action; Equalities; Health and Wellbeing;
Migration and Asylum. With contributions from Amina Blackwood, Wajuppa
Tossa, Maimouna Jallow, Liz Weir and Peter Chand.

Day 3 – Storytelling for Hope The third and final day of the gathering
will focus on the themes of Creative Learning; Myths, Metaphors and
Dreams; Imagining, Sharing and Telling; Celebration and Joy. With
contributions from Grian Cutanda, Ana Maria Lines, Jean Edmiston, Wayqui
César Villegas Astete, Giovanna Conforto, George Macpherson, Travis De
Vries, and the Be United project.

25 Oct
10:30 - 16:30
26 Oct
10:30 - 16:30
27 Oct
10:30 - 16:30