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The film was scripted and directed by John Bell, a Dad who is part of
Midlothian Sure Start’s Dads’ Group, funded by Big Lottery Scotland. It
emerged from a discussion by Dads on the emotional challenges of
Christmas. The Dads Coordinator for Midlothian Sure Start, Tim Porteus
says, "The film powerfully recognises the emotional pain of Christmas
for parents in this situation, but has an uplifting message about making
the best of time they have".

John Bell is a dad who has additional challenges because of a condition
which means he has chronic and disabling pain. John states, "The pain I
have is another angle I came at this. I’ve done my best not to allow my
physical pain to be an issue for my children. In the same way, the
simple message in the film is we understand the emotional pain for
parents in this situation, but being a parent is also about putting our
children first, and sometimes being creative in how we can do that even
in challenging circumstances".

The film lasts 30mins and was filmed over three days last year. John’s
pain levels got too much to be able to edit it for last Christmas, but
has managed to complete it just in time for this Christmas.