TradFest Edinburgh
Storytelling Court
Scottish Storytelling Centre

A chance to hear about the collaborative storytelling residency and
performance Where I Stand: A New Conversation, followed by an open
forum, Q&A and networking opportunity, ahead of its Edinburgh debut
within TradFest on Fri 4 May.

Where I Stand: A New Conversation is a performance that has been shaped
by a collaborative storytelling residency consisting of two artists from
Mumbai and two from Scotland. The performance merges music and
storytelling to reflect on the connections, differences and influences
that link the two countries.

At the heart of the performance are themes that are relevant to our
current political environment; combining traditional Celtic tales of war
and love with contemporary stories of displacement, land and community.
This performance reminds us that stories and music can connect and
divide us but ultimately, provide an opportunity for us to learn from
one another and converse in new ways.

Come along to meet the artists, discuss the themes and debate on how art
can be a vehicle that addresses topics such as displacement in
communities, traditions in contemporary life and the important role of
storytelling in connecting us all.

Please RSVP to [email protected] if you would like to attend and
feel free to share with anyone you feel would find this opportunity of