Scottish Storytelling Centre
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Our SpeakEasy

‘Our SpeakEasy’ presents an evening of storytelling around the theme
‘Rooted’. Prepare a five-minute story about the apple that didn’t fall
too far from the tree. The smell of your mother’s perfume that stuck to
every single bit of furniture throughout the house. Tell us about the
baby picture you refuse to show anyone, the creaky floorboards on the
footsteps of the porch, the monsters that still haunt spaces under the
bed. We want to hear about the memories, people, and places that make
home, home. And the journey taken, forced or unforced, to establish new

Here’s your chance to finally give a full answer to the question, "Where
are you from?" And maybe even, "Where are you now?"

7pm: Sign up to tell a story or just sit back and listen.

8pm (Sharp): We’ll pick the first name and the show will begin. Each
teller will have 5 minutes to tell their tale.