POP (Potentiality of Play) Automata Workshop – Build Your Own Moveable Toys

Scottish Storytelling Centre
Storytelling Court
Pankhuri Jain

Automata are mechanical toys designed to bring objects to life through
movement. At these free events you will get an opportunity to explore
simple mechanisms.

The heart of any automata is the Cam – which is a 2D Geometrical shape –
typically a sphere, circle, soft-edged triangle or a snail shape, which
creates movement when externally rotated.

Children will strengthen their understanding of different geometric shapes and form as each
specifically designed cam, and the way it is aligned in an Automata, can
lead to different movements like bounce, bob, spin, wiggle and wobble.

Come and join us for these exciting sessions and learn to construct
these movable toys.

01 Aug
11:00 - 13:00