Year of Sham: Stories in a Time of Madness

Scottish Storytelling Centre
Spoken Word, Storytelling
Donald Smith

Written and read by Donald Smith.

In this sequence of subversive comedies, Year of Sham upends the lies
that Scotland tells itself, along with the powerbrokers and hypocrites who manipulate them.

Treacherous times produce fake news and fake history, but also farce. From Galloway
to Glencoe, Edinburgh to London, pomposity is punctured and duplicity exposed in a
catalogue of mishaps.

Enjoy Scotland’s untold Brexit chronicles.

Wed 21: The Irish Hoard

An unexpected discovery in Whithorn leads to mayhem and a latter-day heist.

Thu 22: Return to Clachaig

A Marketing guru falls into a deadly time trap in Glencoe, while back in Edinburgh…

Fri 23: Destiny Stane

The biggest fake of all finally comes good when the real Stone turns up, like an unexploded bomb, under Westminster.

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23 Nov
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