The World’s Room: Fiona Ross

Scottish Storytelling Centre
The Waverley Bar
Music, Song
Traditional Music Forum

The World’s Room is a home for traditional singing in Edinburgh, organised by the Traditional Music Forum and held in the Waverley Bar, St Mary’s St.

Fiona Ross grew up in Partick, in the west end of Glasgow, also spending time at her step-family home in North Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis during her teenage years. The youngest of a busy household of five children, she inherited a love of Scottish music from her dad and began singing popular Scottish songs from a young age. It was in the 1980s that Fiona truly embraced the Scots song tradition, immersing herself in Edinburgh’s vibrant folk scene and serving her apprenticeship in the folk clubs and memorable singing sessions of the time. She was fortunate to be singing at sessions in the company of many fine singers who remain at the heart of the tradition in Scotland and who are some of Fiona’s favourite singers to this day – Aileen Carr, Maureen Jelks, Cy Laurie and Danny Couper to name a few.

Fiona then joined the group Handsel with Scottish folk scene stalwarts Brian Miller, Gavin Livingstone and fiddler Anna-Wendy Stevenson, performing at traditional music festivals around the country.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2009, Fiona has continued to pursue her passion for Scots song. In addition to her busy schedule of concerts, workshops and talks, she is currently completing a PhD through the University of Melbourne Conservatorium, working with traditional singers in Scotland and overseas to explore and document the importance of a singing style and tradition that is now rapidly changing. As a singer of Scots song, Fiona was mentored by esteemed tradition bearer Andrew Hunter.

17 May
20:00 - 22:30
By donation (suggest £5)