Fancy being the hero of the story?

On Tuesday 29 October, storyteller Tim Porteus is taking our Tell-a-Story Day campaign to the extreme. Tim will be telling stories from 9am to 9pm, to raise money for the Young Storytellers of Scotland, and you could feature in the story.

Tim will take his listeners on a journey through Scotland, telling tales of legends, historical stories and folk tales, weaving his sponsors into the stories to show is appreciation for their support. “There will be different stories within the main tale so people can pick up the theme whenever they pop in to listen, even if for only 10 minutesTim Porteus

For 720 minutes of storytelling, Tim would like to raise 50p per minute to reach his target of £360. £1 will get you a mention in the story, for £5 you can be a character while £10 will make you a hero! This event is free to attend, and you can drop in anytime throughout the day. View event.

About Young Storytellers of Scotland

The Young Storytellers of Scotland promotes storytelling by young people and supports young storytellers. All the money received will go directly to promoting storytelling by young people, especially focusing on young people from areas of poverty or social deprivation. The charity encourages all young people in Scotland to develop their talents and skills, and provides them with regular storytelling opportunities. One of their main focuses is to involve young people who struggle with literacy, confidence and self-esteem, all of which storytelling can enhance and develop.

Here’s a video of Tim talking about the charity, the impact it has on young people and about the Young Storytellers of Scotland project, Telling Tales.

“Storytelling enhances literacy, self-confidence and self-esteem. It can transform the learning process by stimulating young people’s own creativity. It allows young people to be the creators of their own learning, and develops their communication skills, as well as social and life skills. It is a powerful transformative and empowering tradition that every child in Scotland should have the right to enjoy.” Tim Porteus.

How to donate and feature in the story

Text YSOS21£ and then the amount you would like to sponsor to 70070. For example, to donate one pound text YSOS21£1, to donate £5 text YSOS21£5 etc.

About Tell-a-Story Day

Tell-a-Story Day is a national celebration of oral storytelling where people all over Scotland make, share and listen to stories. And you can take part! Get together with a group of friends or gather up the family and tell your best tale. We’ve got lots of resources and ideas to get you started. Find out more.

Go on, be part of the story.