Fringe 2019: Q&A with The Night With on The Night With… Evenings

Name of your show:

The Night With… Evenings

How would you describe your show in one sentence?

An evening of interesting, new classical music mainly by Scottish composers and performers.

Is this the first time that you are performing at the Fringe?

No, I presented The Night With… Wooden Elephant last year who performed string quintet arrangements of Bjork and Radiohead. Ian Anderson is doing some new arrangements of Captain Beefheart for their concert on the 20th.

What do you think sets your show apart from other Fringe Festival offerings?

We are the only show at the fringe presenting this number of contemporary composers and Scottish performers of new classical music.  We’re also unique in that our performances are in totally relaxed settings, where you can come and hear world class music with a drink. Not your regular classical concert.


The Centre’s Fringe showcase is exploring and reacting to the challenges we face in today’s world by sharing stories in all their forms – what is your show saying?

Although we can explain the background to a piece, or what it’s meant to be about, we don’t tell people what to feel because music speaks to everyone in their own way, and touches each person differently.  It can be emotionally moving, or stimulating, or thought-provoking or even life-changing, and we are celebrating that crazily wide and mysterious language of music.

How do you #MakeYourFringe itinerary? What’s the show that you don’t want to miss?

I usually decide on other shows to see by what is starting soon and nearby, let the element of chance creep in. The Fringe App is great for that, I’ve seen some amazing things that way. I’m interested to see Lie Still My Sleepy Fortunes, From When I Wake and Blood and Gold. They aren’t in the Fringe, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Missy Mazzoli’s opera Breaking the Waves and Night Walk for Edinburgh.


The Night With… Evenings

Tue 13 – Fri 16 & Tue 20 Aug, 8.30pm

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