FST Dance Forum

The FST Dance Forum is open to anyone with an interest in dance working across the professional dance, opera and theatre sector. Individuals may be creating work, programming dance, marketing productions or involved in education and participatory projects, as long as they have an interest in the sector and wish to be involved.

Attendance of the forums is free for FST members as part of their annual membership fee. Non members are also welcome to attend for a fee of £10 for one forum meeting or £16 for both events taking place in the year (inclusive of VAT).

The next Dance Forum will take place on Thursday, 30th April 2015, at Tramway in Glasgow to coincide with the new Dance International Glasgow festival, with a film screening and Barrowland Ballet’s performance that night.

Further details and the agenda will be confirmed and posted shortly on the FST website via the link below.

Discounted tickets for the film Screendance from Scotland and Barrowland Ballet’s live show Whiteout at Tramway are available.

For further information, please contact (Mira Knoche), or call 0131 248 4842, or visit