Highland Discovery App Launch


Digital Development company, Whereverly, has launched the Highland Discovery app, the product of a collaboration between Transport Scotland, young people, local tourism groups and cultural collaborators, including singers and storytellers, Jess Smith and Paraig McNeill, and Greentrax Recordings.

The aim of the app is to help tourists not just to visit, but feel like they belong to the Scottish Highlands, connecting them to the local places, people and culture through local stories and songs. The Highland Discovery app, taking in the landscape and communities along the A9, is the first in a series of experiences which make accessible and bring to life local culture and tourism across Scotland.

Iain McNeill, MD at Whereverly, commented, ‘We would like to make a special thanks to the folk at TRACS and Greentrax Recordings for helping us connect to our living tradition of stories and music, and to the truly wonderful people keeping the traditions alive.’

The Highland Discovery app is available in iOS and Android.