Huradal Present a TradFest Brew

Journey into the song, music and movement traditions of Scottish & Cape Breton Step Dancing with the ‘young’ and ‘talented’ Huradal who are ‘breathing life into the tradition.’ (East Coast FM)

On Saturday 2 May, St Albert’s Catholic Chaplaincy at George Square will be taken over for a refreshing day of workshops, practical sessions and discussions into the world of Step Dance.

Step Dance is a form of percussive dance, with origins in Scotland, which has had a strong tradition in Cape Breton where Scottish emigrant communities settled. Step dance has influenced the musical accompaniments to the form, ensuring styles, speeds, rhythms and tempos reflect the movement to ensure music and dance harmonise. Huradal – Eilidh Munro, Màiri Britton, Robbie Greig, Sophie Stephenson – are joined by renowned performer and composer Mairi Campbell who will be discussing the history and revival of Step Dance in Scotland with dancers Sophie Stephenson and Màiri Britton at 3pm, after the ladies lead a practical Scottish Step Dance session at 2pm.

Mairi CampbellMairi’s reputation as an influential Scottish musician has grown steadily throughout her career. Whether it’s the rugged beauty of a Highland tune, an improvised audience sounding’ over mesmeric viola and voice, or ballads and songs, Mairi digs where she stands, drawing on her deep well of Celtic ancestry to find music that is both ancient and new. She also presents a look at fiddle music for dance traditions, drawing on the importane of bowing technique, rhythm, tempo and style required to give “the lift needed” when playing for dancing.

There are also opportunities to explore Puirt-à-beul (mouth music) in the first session at 1pm with Mòd Gold Medalist Eilidh Munro and Màiri Britton who will be sharing a selection of vocal dance tunes for you to learn, and to soak up Gaelic song, music, step dance and spoken-word poetry in the finale evening performance.

For full details of all sessions visit Huradal’s Website, where you can register to attend.

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