Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide

“We are encouraged to become… microentrepreneurs of the self, acting as if we are our own, precarious, freelance microenterprises in a context in which we are being steadily deprived of employment rights, public services and welfare support.”

Gary Hall in “The Uberfication of the University”

This is the fitting preface of The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide – a practical introduction to legal rights, best practices and professional troubleshooting for creative workers in Scotland, written by Heather Parry and illustrated by Maria Stoian. Use this resource to advocate for yourself, for others, and to work out how we can do things better, and how we can make change happen.

Download The Illustrated Freelancer Guide – free and available from our growing resources.

In addition, follow the updated Twitter thread by Heather Parry if you are freelance traditional arts practitioner in Scotland facing self-assessment tax return.