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Keep Music Live in Edinburgh

Keep Music Live in Edinburgh – sign the petition to get rid of the Council’s ‘inaudibility’ clause

Edinburgh is world renowned for its culture. Live music makes a huge contribution to this reputation.

Despite City of Edinburgh Council having a commitment to support live music in the city, the Council continues to have an ‘inaudibility’ clause in its licensing policy.

This gives a single complainant the right to impact upon a venue’s ability to put on live music. Local music venue The Phoenix Bar, in Broughton Street, has recently had to cancel live music events due to such a complaint.

The Musicians’ Union, along with venues, promoters and musicians, have had meetings with Councillors and officials to lobby for a revision to the clause. The aim being to create a reality-based policy, which allows for year-round music and performing arts without licensees being subjected to the tyranny of a small minority. But to date, no change has been made.

To support their campaigning, please sign the petition calling on City of Edinburgh Council to remove the ‘inaudibilty’ clause from its licensing policy.