Locating Women in ‘The Folk’

Locating Women in ‘The Folk’

Perspectives on women’s contributions to folk song, folklore and cultural traditions

Saturday 9 June 2018, University of Sussex

Women have always been central to the study and practice of folklore, arts and cultural traditions—as tradition bearers, performers, authors, collectors, storytellers and scholars. However, their contribution hasn’t always received the recognition it deserves; this symposium aims to redress the balance.

We invited 20-minute papers/presentations and A1 poster presentations on relevant topics, which may include:

  • Singers, dancers, musicians, storytellers, and other performance roles
  • Performance styles, repertoire and source
  • Facilitators, revivals and teaching
  • Contributions to scholarship
  • Legacies and archives
  • Gender relations in folk cultures
  • Life narratives, autoethnographies, biographies, and oral histories
  • Depictions of women as subject matter in song and story
  • Portrayals of women, gender roles, and identity
  • Perspectives on the future for women in ‘the folk’

We welcomed applications from all levels within academia, as well as from independent researchers, writers and enthusiasts.

This conference is co-presented by Sussex TraditionsThe Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research (University of Sussex), and The English Folk Dance & Song Society, and supported by The Centre for Memories, Narratives and Histories (Brighton University), and Sussex University’s Music Department.

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