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Steve Byrne

Position: Director TRACS

Phone Number 0131 558 8137

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Intangible Cultural Heritage

Traditional Crafts

The People’s Parish

Traditional Arts and Culture

Annemarie Froemke

Position: Marketing & Communications Manager

Phone Number 0131 652 3272

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Toby Hawks

Position: Finance & Administration Officer (Mon-Weds)

Phone Number 0131 558 8137

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TRACS Finance

TRACS Policies



Fiona MacDougall

Position: Place and Languages Development Officer

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Languages & Policies

Place and Community Projects

Podcasts (Gaelic/Scots)

Tina Rees

Position: Membership & Development Officer

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Traditional Music Forum

Membership & Directory

Social Media



David Francis

Position: Director of the Traditional Music Forum

Phone Number 0131 558 8137

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Director Traditional Music Forum

Project Lead People’s Parish

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Community Outreach

Joanne Urwin

Position: Storytelling Development Officer

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Scottish Storytelling Forum

Scottish Storytelling Forum Membership

Book a Storyteller

Community Outreach


Iliyana Nedkova

Position: Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland Curator

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Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland



Pomegranates Dance Festival

Outreach and Development


Jo Miller

Position: Trad Arts Mentoring Coordinator

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