New Book: A Story to Every Dance by Mats Melin

“The Scottish solo dance tradition is peppered with stories attached to specific dances… Most of these stories suggest an origin for a dance anchored in a distance past, but they may also form some level of meaning-making”

Today our colleague, friend and TDFS board member, Mats Melin, releases his new book, A Story to Every Dance, published under the newly established Lorg-press.

A Story to Every Dance places background stories connected to various Scottish solo dances against a contextual and historical framework. How much of the lore is based on any factual content? Is it now, or even was it ever, necessary for dancers to have a certain image, or story, in mind to help them perform these dancers?

It is available in soft cover and downloadable pdf. To order your copy, visit

Lorg is about continuity. The aim is to share archived materials, histories, and notations of dancing so they can live again, and in the process, allow readers to offer their own interpretations of the materials. Bring the footprints of the past into the present by seeking new ways of interpreting them! Keep the act of ‘dancing’ alive!