News from G.A.S

The Grampian Association of Storytellers – GAS

Delighted to give you all a wee introduction to – ‘fit we are a’ aboot’. We create a friendly spot where you can listen to, tell, and find your way into the magic and craft of storytelling.

We are The Grampian Association of Storytellers – GAS for short. GAS was started many years ago by Grace Banks and Jackie Ross, friends who love storytelling and supported many well-known names onto the storytelling directory. Maggie Fraser, Pauline Cordiner, Diana Peers, Anna Fancett and two new names just added Cara Silversmith, and Phyll McBain to name a few. GAS has always been a place to find storytellers willing to offer support, coaching, and run a workshop or two along the way.

Talking of workshops, our recent one, run by Nicola Wright on “Finding stories in Heritage” has created a real buzz of interest and a new project is well in hand.  We tell many stories face-to-face at St Peter’s Heritage Centre Peterculter and are going to create a story tour of the Heritage Centre this coming session.  This is a wonderful opportunity to give back and allow our up-and-coming tellers the chance to tell with support along the way. This fun weekend will likely be in May.

The workshop was part of the new Aberdeen & Beyond Storytelling Festival.  This is a Partnership with Elphinstone Institute, Aberdeen University, Jackie Ross and GAS. Fourteen events were held. We created a very varied programme of local tellers, tellers on the apprentice scheme, and of course Guest tellers from around the world, thanks to sponsorship from the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. Great fun and a great success, even with red storm warning getting in the way. We came out the other side refreshed and excited to move forward as we keep sharing the craft of storytelling.

You can join us on the path, check out our Facebook page for details of events. First Friday Flings are our core activity within GAS. To date from Lockdown, we have been running these as Hybrid meetings which is important to us as we now have an international membership of our wee group. The diversity has been such a joy, and we plan to keep it going.

We have just finished our winter sessions on Zoom, where we invite tellers whom you would not easily get to hear to lead one of our First Friday Flings. Great tellers this year. Margaret Bennet, Shane Ibbs, and David Heathfield. It was a delightful programme of talented storytellers all bringing new stories and approaches.

We will be continuing our Fireside Chats online, where we discuss a different theme relating to storytelling each month. The next is 21st Feb for National Mither tongue day. Come along to one of our sessions and join us to have your say in our programme for the next year, in person or online.

Phyll McBain & the GAS committee