Q&A: Ingried Boussaroque, Journey to Alba


Tell us about your show, Journey to Alba.

It’s a tale about islands, mostly Montreal (Canada) and Barra (Scotland), about the winding musical path that brought me from one to the other, about Quebec and Scottish culture, etc.

How did you become interested in music & the traditional arts?

Maybe we can say I was “born into music”. I started piano when I was 3, and apparently was playing violin even before that. I discovered singing at 8 and this has been my passion since.

A great deal of my career was in world music, and through studying folklore I was naturally led to traditional music, first from other cultures and then from my own.

Which other musicians or storytellers influence you?

I’m not sure I could name any as an influence but I admire many people a great deal. I enjoy the music of Martyn Bennett, Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs and Marianne Aya Omac for her amazing stage presence.

Have you performed at TradFest before? Are there any other acts on the programme you’d recommend seeing?

No, it’s all new to me 🙂

What does Tradition mean to you?

Tradition is essential to us all. It is a set of activities that bring people together in a relaxed and easy way, and I think we need this more than ever in this individualist era.

 Journey to Alba is on Sun 7 May, 3pm