Time for Another Story – Season 2 Launches!

Following last year’s podcast success, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival (SISF) organised by Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS) launches a second series of its popular podcast Another Story (today) 21 May.

Kicking off the series will be a new hour-long episode of chat, stories, music and folk song from Shona Cowie and Neil Sutcliffe, whose sell-out show Rickle O Stanes premiered earlier this month.

Rickle O Stanes is a show about Scotland’s land: its rocks and mud, what it has grown, the lives it has sustained, and how it has been bought, fought for and wounded. Packed into an entertaining hour of plotted history bound together in the traditional tale of Fintan MacBochra, the shapeshifting first man in Ireland, the show traces a line from a free country, to one owned by a few. The podcast discussion was first recorded for broadcast on EHFM and includes an introduction by Daniel Abercrombie, Associate Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, songs and music from the show, and interviews with performers Neil and Shona.

Listen to Episode Here

The Another Story podcast series will continue throughout the summer with monthly episodes. These include a chat with storytellers from the Village Storytelling Centre in Glasgow, and various guests who are taking part in this year’s Scottish International Storytelling Festival which will run from 18 to 31 October 2024 thanks to continued support from the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund and Creative Scotland.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is the world’s largest celebration of storytelling and 2024 marks the 35th anniversary of the Festival which coincides with the 35th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The theme is ‘Bridges Between’ and the festival is commissioning new work which looks at how societies can ‘build bridges’ between cultures, artists and audiences all over the world through the power of storytelling.

Artists confirmed for this year include: Janis Mackay, Inés Álvarez Villa, Dougie Mackay, Ailie Finlay, and Linda Williamson, who will be joined by international storytellers from India, Ireland and the Storytelling Arena in Berlin.

Daniel Abercrombie, Associate Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival said: ‘We are delighted to offer a platform to these wonderful storytellers, who can share their stories across the world in a friendly, informal way, which is so suitable for the storytelling experience.’

Another Story Podcast