NGYD seeks musicians, storytellers, visual artists

Never.Give-up.Your.Dreams (NGYD) is a group of international artists that seeks to promote culture through art. Their new project is A Reference Point of Hope (ARPOH),seeking to promote an incultural exhange between artists (musicians, storytellers, illustrators etc) of a community to employ their language, artistic styles and musical instruments in a joint effort to present their story in such a way that it effectively and respectfully represents their culture before an international audience. They have done this project in Italy and now woud like to do the same in the UK alongside artists of the Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish communities. If you are interested in being involved, the organiser will be Bristol from the Feb 25-29 and would like to meet in person to discuss the project further and to exchange ideas. He will also be in Cardiff for one day. 

Find out more by contacting the organiser, Alton D. Terry or visiting their website.